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making news in america this morning -- developing overnight. a deadly shooting rampage inside a municipal building. we're learning about the long-standing dispute between the town and the suspected shooter. also developing right now, residents on the run. evacuations under way in southern california as a wildfire rapidly grows, creeping towards homes. plus, python attack. a tragic death investigation involving a large snake, two children, and a town in shock. and touching touchdown. the story that has millions talking. there's not a dry eye in the stadium, as a young cancer patient becomes the smallest recruit for a professional team. good tuesday morning.
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we begin with a story still unfolding overnight. a deadly shooting in eastern pennsylvania at a monthly township meeting. >> at least three people are dead, after a gunman blasted shots right through the wall of a municipal building in saylorsburg, about 85 miles north of philadelphia. abc's preeti arla has the latest. >> reporter: a terrifying scene in rural pennsylvania after a gunman opened fire during a town meeting. >> it was pretty chaotic and hectic. i wasn't there. but phone conversations i had in the beginning was very hectic. >> reporter: police say the gunman is identified 59-year-old rockne newell, shot and killed three people and injured several others. >> upon the approach to the township building, he began to fire the long gun into the township building. through the windows of the building. >> reporter: a reporter for a local newspaper witnessed the chaos. chris reber described holes going through the walls. and, quote, i saw smoke and plaster flying out, blowing out through the walls. i dropped to the floor.
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that's what everyone did. reber crawled out of the room and hid. he says after the initial shooting, he watched the gunman go back to his car, pull out another gun and return to the building. police say when the shooter went back inside, two people tackled him and the gunman was shot in the leg, preventing anymore bloodshed. >> it is rather disturbing for us. you see it all over. and here it is, in your hometown. >> reporter: state police say the shooter had an ongoing property dispute with the township. he's in police custody this morning. preeti arla, abc news, washington. >> we'll, of course, stay on top of that story and bring you any developments. and another scene we've been watching overnight, a fast-moving wildfire that's threatened hundreds of homes in southern california. the fire started in cleveland national forest and grew quickly, as temperatures neared 100 degrees. residents in the town of lake elsinore were forced to leave as ash rained down on their homes and entire neighborhoods were enveloped in smoke. a dc-10 was called in to drop fire retardant. but there is good news.
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some residents have now been able to go back home as crews are making progress. more news breaking overnight. air travelers could face delays this morning after a global ticketing system crash. the sabre system is used by hundreds of airlines at more than 100 airports around the world. among the u.s. airlines affected are jetblue, american and alaska air. sabre says its system is slowly being returned to service. breaking news in the middle east. two suspected al qaeda members have been arrested at the airport in cairo, egypt. authorities say the men arrived from istanbul, with i.d.s and fake currency. there's more breaking news out of the middle east. all nonemergency u.s. personnel has been ordered to evacuate yemen. the state department issued the evacuation because of what they called the potential for terrorist attacks. the department says all u.s. citizens in yemen should leave immediately because of the threat level.
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this is the same threat that caused shutdowns of 19 diplomatic posts in the middle east and africa. and we have new details, also this morning, about that terror threat. it apparently began with a conversation between two top al qaeda leaders. here, with more, is abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: beefed-up law enforcement, heightened awareness at airports from l.a. to new york. and more scrutiny on those trying to enter the country. a senior u.s. official tells abc news that the plot started in yemen. and u.s. officials are frantically searching for vehicle bombs al qaeda wants to use to blow up the u.s. embassy there and perhaps others, as well. abc news has also learned that through surveillance and electronic eavesdropping, more was discovered, including communications between al qaeda affiliates and someone in the u.s. not just electronic conversations, but through the mail, as well. the u.s. does not know the content of the letters.
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>> in terrorist communications, in general, the simpler, more primitive forms of communication, the more effective they are. >> reporter: this is who al qaeda's zawahiri has been communicating with in yemen, nasir al wuhayshi. one of those behind the underwear bomb, printer cartridge bombs and surgically implanted explosives. small bombs that could be placed inside a human body, especially dangerous if the bomb carrier boarded a flight. >> this group is fairly ingenious, fairly bold. and eager to cause damage. >> reporter: u.s. officials strongly disputed that, saying the core al qaeda is decimated and it is much harder for the splinter groups to strike out globally. but the white house spokesman reiterated that this is a significant and serious threat. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. now, to the baseball scandal now that alex rodriguez of the yankees is appealing his 211-game suspension, he could
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be playing for the rest of the season. a-rod was greeted by loud boos in chicago, just hours after being hit with the suspension. major league baseball says his ban is for using performance-enhancing drugs and for obstructing baseball's investigation of his case. rodriguez says he knows tough days lie ahead. >> we're just getting started in this process. but for me personally, i just want to get back to playing baseball. playing hard and playing with a lot of intensity. want to see what our team has to offer the next games. >> a dozen other major leaguers were also suspended for using illegal drugs yesterday. none of them are fighting their 50-game ban. a fugitive couple being called a modern day bonnie and clyde have been spotted in missouri. but police believe they may have already moved on. derrick estell and his girlfriend have been on the run since this bold escape through a tiny window in an arkansas jail a week ago. police say the pair broke into two homes in buffalo, missouri, and stole a rifle and a pickup truck. republicans are threatening two major television networks
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over plans to air programs on hillary clinton. the republican national committee spokesperson says that nbc and cnn won't get andy presidential primary debates if the programs air. he says the nbc miniseries and the cnn documentary are nothing but ads for clinton who has not yet even entered the race. time, now, for the weather across the nation. scattered thunderstorms in the mountains of colorado, arizona and new mexico. some severe storms from south dakota down to minnesota and missouri. heavy downpours and flooding from kansas to kentucky. and some showers and thunderstorms from mississippi to virginia. also be some scattered showers in the northeast. >> mostly 80s across the midwest and northeast. 90s for much of the south. and dallas is the hot spot at 104 degrees. heading towards extinction. the standard feature you may not see the next time you buy a new car. and a town in shock. fresh questions about how a large snake killed two children while they slept. also new this morning a delivery truck goes airborne. we're learning more about how this happened and the driver under arrest in connection with
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the crash.
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♪ when you recognize something isn't right,
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he call to the vetera crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. president obama visiting phoenix today, to reach out to the middle class about home ownership. the president will propose overhauling the mortgage finance system. he wants to phase out fannie mae and freddie mac. it would replace private firms to secure mortgages while the government provides oversight and insurance. new money is buying out a piece of the old media. jeff besoz is buying the
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washington post. it ends the family stewardship of the paper. the values, management and operations of the newspaper will continue without disruption. the airline that made a name for itself with all seats being equal is adding a business class. jetblue will add single-suite seats on its transcontinental flights from new york to los angeles and san francisco. that's starting next year. chalk up another win for maria sharapova, she tops the list of the highest-paid athletes of the year. she pulled in $20 million from prize money, endorsements and appearance fees. her $26.7 million in career prize money ranks third all-time behind the williams sisters. in the car cd player is beginning to go the way of the cassette and the 8-track tape deck. but it's sticking around for the time being. higher-end cars have done away with it altogether, as
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automakers include new technology to bring music to you. usb and bluetooth hookups. >> i have cds. but i use my mp3s. >> i know. same here. i have satellite radio. i never use cd. the fact that the tape cassette has gone the way of -- >> i know. >> the way of the dinosaur. and now, the cds, too. >> i owned 8-tracks once upon a time. >> i'm feeling it. the cricks and the cracks in all of the bones. when we come back, the important new benefits for breast-feeding, for mom's health, too. from beauty queen to inmate. why police arrested her, on some serious charges. here we honor the proud accomplishments of our students and alums. people like, maria salazar, an executive director at american red cross. or garlin smith, video account director at yahoo.
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♪ with new roc® multi correxion® 5 in 1 proven to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness lift sagging diminish the look of dark spots and smooth the appearance of wrinkles high performance skincare™ only from roc® and smooth the appearance of wrinkles with freshly bakedeve in whole grain bread.right then we add all-natural eggs... lean antibiotic-free ham... and vermont white cheddar. get 16 grams of protein and 23 grams of whole grain in the breakfast power sandwich. a look at the morning road conditions. a slick commute in the central and southern rockies.
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wet and windy from the dakotas to the plains. showers make for a slick ride across much of the east. >> if you are flying, airport delays possible in minneapolis, chicago, denver and miami. and updating our top story now. the deadly shooting at a monthly township meeting. >> it happened in ross township, 85 miles per hour north of philadelphia. a reporter at the scene, said a man shot through a wall into a meeting, killing three people before a local official tackled him and shot him with his own gun. the man is now in police custody. autopsieies being performedn a pair of brothers that died in the most bizarre circumstances. they were killed by a 15-foot python. >> the boys were sleeping at a friend's apartment, which is over an exotic pet store. the snat got itself into the building vents and into that apartment. >> snakes only constrict for food. was the snake hungry?
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absolutely. that doesn't mean that this is a snake that was being neglected or fed enough. it's natural for a snake to eat, be full, and potentially be hungry for a period of time before they eat. >> even so, the case has plenty of canadians calling for a ban on exotic pets. the snake's owner has had the python for a decade. eventually, it will be destroyed. a utah beauty queen has been arrested for throwing a number of small bombs at houses. kendra mckenzie gill and three others were taken into custody. she was crowned miss rivertown. released from jail. the fire chief said they started getting calls friday night. >> all of us were surprised when we received information that, not only did we have one occurrence of this happening, we have up to ten occurrences of this happening. >> police say the four 18-year-olds bought plastic bottles and aluminum foil before assembling the devices. the suspect of a hit and run could be charged as early as
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today. nathan campbell had a history of arrests, including one in colorado for shoplifting. an italian woman on her honeymoon was killed in that incident at venice beach. an autopsy revealed that the new by wed died from blunt force trauma. terrifying moments for a truck driver. the truck was mangled. but the driver survived with just a broken leg. the woman in the other car has been charged with drunk driving. her license has been suspended ten different times. we know that breast milk does a baby good. we're learning about another benefit for moms. mothers who breast-feed dramatically reduce their risk for getting alzheimer's later in life. nursing profoundly affects a woman's physiological body. and in ways that last for
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decades. a lot of baseball action last night. but all the attention surrounded alex rodriguez's return. >> here's espn with your sports. >> good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. we're your "sportscenter" anchors from the espn desk in los angeles. and monday was a tough day for major league baseball. >> the other part of the story, finally arrived in the biogenesis investigation. alex rodriguez suspended 211 games through the 2014 season, through the drug agreement and labor contracts. his appeal makes him eligible to play until an arbitrator reaches a decision. 12 other players accepted 50-game suspensions for their connection to biogenesis. nelson cruz, and jhonny peralta, important playoff contenders. evreth cabrera, admitted to taking a banned substance. yankees taking on the white sox. his fourth at-bat. one for three up to that point.
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and matt lindstrom gets him. one for four for rodriguez's return. yankees lose, 8-1. dodgers may never lose again on the road. david freese at the gap. and allen craig hasn't seen any tape of yasiel puig. to punto. donger e dodgers love it. the braves won their 11th in a row. a lot of teams on win streaks in major league baseball. that's all we got. >> yeah. >> now, back to you. >> always so excited. >> very excited. they went off the rail on that one. now, to a moving highlight, featuring the newest member of the cleveland browns. getting so much attention we had to make this our "play of the day." >> he is 5-year-old cancer survivor, ryan encinas. at the end of practice in cleveland, ryan ran a 40-yard touchdown, escorted by the
4:20 am
browns team. the nebraska football team made a kid's day in much the same way in spring. >> you see that. see him there, running through the crowds? >> i'm looking. there he is. >> there he is. did you see him in the crowd? >> he was in the crowd. and they were surrounding him. i don't know about that grip, though. >> that's what they call in the nfl, carry it like a loaf of bread. >> i don't know about that grip. hopefully he has a bigger and better future with some football team. i'm sure he's a huge fan. coming up next, we've got "the pulse." she said yes. "the bachelorette" chose her guy in a season finale. and we know who the new bachelor will be. and wait it out. oprah winfrey makes a truly hair-raising statement.
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♪ all right. time to check "the pulse." we start with "the bachelorette" finally finding love. desiree hartsock getting engaged to chris. >> even after learning of her feelings for another contestant. they spoofed it on jimmy kimmel. and it came to whitney houston's "i will always love you." ♪ you were always second and i will settle for you ♪ >> you are always second place. i will settle for you. did you catch all of that? >> love that song. >> well, somebody is going to settle for this guy. he is the next "bachelor." and his name is juan pablo.
4:24 am
>> he has pecs and his name is juan pablo. 31 years old. former pro soccer player. "the bachelor" starts in january here on abc. juan pablo. >> they might have a casting call soon. >> you seem so anam rouse. >> i like the name more than anything. a college student looking to social life 101, might want to head to iowa city. >> the university of iowa ranking number one when it comes to the top party school. that's compiled by the princeton review. puts the university of california santa barbara in second place. university of illinois at urbana-champaign. >> west virginia and syracuse. and on the bottom, bringham young university. look at this bold statement oprah is making on the cover of the new "o" magazine. the massive wig weighs 3 1/2
4:25 am
pounds. >> she claims it's her favorite cover ever. i kind of like it, too.
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. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thank you for starting your day with us. >> first up we will check the weather and traffic starting with mike. >> did you run into drizzle? >> i knew you would ask! yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> more widespread rain today. we do not have organized rain we have drizzle. you may need to use the wipers. this afternoon, it will be sunny inland. by noon, 75 to 80. mostly sunny around the bay but it will take to 1:00 o'clock for that to happen. 66 to 75, and barely any sun sign at the coast into san francisco. we will have a little more and 57 to 61. leyla gulen? >> speaking of drizzle, make
4:29 am
sure you slow down because you do not want to risk sliding around. we have not had rain in a while. the oil buildup on the roads could make conditions slick. we will start in san francisco where we have this accident in the clearing stages. southbound 101 south of 280 extension we have top speeds, clear conditions in the area. to the east bay, until 11:00 this morning, eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn road we have drainage work. it is causing a bottleneck over the altamont pass. westbound traffic is moving smoothly. to the tolls, there you go, the bay bridge is a huge difference from yesterday. we hope it stays that way. >> breaking news, firefighters are battling a grass fire burning now in san francisco near the national cemetery at the presidio. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is there. cornell? >> good morning, firefighters
4:30 am
are getting the upper hand on the grass fire burning near the presidio for the last 90 minutes. this is the gate to the national cemetery located not far from here. we have pictures when firefighters got the call at 3:00 a.m. they found lots of smoke and flames in the area. this is the grass fire burning above the cemetery at park drive. there is lots of vegetation there and firefighters say it is partly contained at this point. firefighters say they can never remember ever fighting a fire here in the cemetery because it is so moist from all the fog. this is a national cemetery. there are gravestones and head stones and they are not threatened. a lot of people live on the presidio. no home are

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